“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are always done by a team of talented people”
About Us
Jinance, which was founded in 2017 in Melbourne by Australia’s leading blockchain industry expert Jin, is a leading Australian cryptocurrency trading platform. Built from the ground up, Jinance launched it’s the platform in Sep 2018 and now is a major partner of Fintech Australia. In May 2018, Jinance became an AUSTRAC regulated crypto exchange, which fulfils the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) obligation.
The platform is operated by an experienced team, equipped with a broad knowledge of blockchain technology, finance, regulatory compliance, payment automation and order-matching optimisation and is partnered with experts in various fields.
Jinance has engaged with one of the Australia’s leading legal practice which specialises in the Fintech areas. We integrate traditional wisdom and technological advancements into Blockchain, endeavouring to realise our vision of digitalising assets. In February 2019, Jinance introduced its unique Membership Program for both local and global customers.
Our Vision
Our vision is to bring cryptocurrency to everyone and empower businesses with blockchain technology.
We strongly believe in the blockchain technology which underpins the whole cryptocurrency industry. This new and disruptive technology effectively reduces the transaction costs within many industries by diminishing the requirement of an intermediary. With this as our main focus, we plan to digitise all assets a person can hold.
Our Mission
Jinance firstly provides an easy access to crypto-currency and is build on three pillars:
Stay Safe
Stay Safe
Safety includes cryptocurrencies security, procedures redundancy as well as privacy protection.
Pay Less
Pay Less
Technology enables lower cost for accessing services and goods
Wait no more
Wait no More
Fast and dedicated customer services with fast feedback loop of all cost
In addition to this, Jinance is dedicated to the cause of spreading knowledge of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Partnering with String Funding, an Australian-based crowdfunding platform, our mission is to create a gateway for businesses to enter the token economy or employ blockchain technology.
Our Values
Here at Jinance we always strive to be the best in what we do which in turn helps us serve you, our customers, better. To achieve this quality, we strictly adhere to certain values which are
Integrity - we build our customer relationship with honesty, transparency and truthfulness
Agile - we react fast for our customers from a problem to a solution; we improve our service level in accordance with customers’ needs.
Fair-go - we advocate equal opportunity, different voice and various participants to make the community prosperous.
In Australia we are..
Jin Chen
Founder and Managing Director
Jin is a prominent blockchain industry expert and entrepreneur in Australia. He is the Founder and Managing Director of the Australia’s leading crypto currency exchange Jinance and Founder of an ASIC licensed crowdfunding platform which is Australia’s first blockchain technology empowered crowd-sourced funding intermediary.
Intrigued by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Jin set out to study the underlying economy principles. Building up knowledge and hand-on experience, Jin started his entrepreneurship of founding Jinance. At Jinance, we believes that by providing a trustworthy digital currency platform, we can help interested parties including traders and investors to safely access and enter cryptocurrency realm. To us this is one of the most practical way to help people adopt this new technology and be more confident to enter a high risk and potentially high return field. Jinance is a hub for us all to understand, explore and benefit from DLT and its first application - cryptocurrency and the trading platform.”
Our Team
The only way to create a great products and keep it evolving is with great people who truly enjoy their work. We believe that talent goes beyond a keen eye for design or a qualification on a piece of paper. At the cost of sounding cheesy, we would like to say that we live and breathe what we do and take pride in delivering the best work. We really do!
Every successful digital product/platform requires strategists, designers, developers, marketers and project managers and here in Jinance we have them all. Our team, with over 10 years of combined experience, are like well oiled gears in a machine with expertise in IT development, finance customer service.