Refer a friend

Limited time offer before 2019-08-01
Jinance offers $10,000 for new sign-up customers coming from our “Refer a friend” program. Accepting your invitation and passes the ID verification (KYC), your friend will receive A$10 credit from us. At the same time, you will be rewarded A$10 trading fee rebate on one successful referral.
Invite your friend
Share your referral link to friends and ask them to sign up Jinance using the link.
Complete ID verification
Help your friend complete ID verification (KYC) which is required but fast.
Receive your rebate
You are rewarded $10 trading fee rebate entitlement.
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Important Information
The information of the offer on this page is subject to change. This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time at Jinance’s sole discretion.
Refer-a-friend Credit
  • You must only invite your friends with their consent.
  • The credit only apply to newly opened account on Jinance for a new customer. Existing customers, who have an existing account, are not eligible for this offer.
  • Your friend’s A$10 credit is subject to his or her ID verification result and the available credit of this offer which is capped at A$10,000 per user.
Trading Fee Rebate
  • You will only receive the trading fee rebate entitlement if your invited friend receives the A$10 credit. One user is eligible for maximum of A$100 trading fee rebate entitlement.
  • The trading fee rebate will only apply for the next day when
    • you have trades in AUD in current day and
    • a trading fee deducted.
  • When trading fee is deducted in other cryptocurrency than AUD corresponding AUD value is derived at the price of which the trade was settled.
  • The trading fee rebate entitlement expires in 3 months after it is granted.
For detail information of Jinance offers, please read Complete Terms and Conditions